Stellar Horizons Basic Set

The mid-twenty first century is an era of both endless promise and fearful uncertainty for the people of Earth.  A world only just emerging from decades of war that served as its violent welcome to the interstellar scene.  Still, Humanity survived the difficult years and made a claim to the heavens amid the protests, schemes, and conflicts of alien species who had been there far longer.

This is the story of the years following the wars that launched mankind into deep space.  A time of uneasy peace where a desperate Humanity has found that in its quest for the stars, its reach exceeded its grasp.  A time where the nations of Earth remain only loosely united in the face of alien threat and intrigue.  A time where fragile colonies lay along tenuous trade routes linking the outposts of Terran civilization to the advanced alien cultures beyond, but where the majority of its vast frontier still remains unseen by Human eyes.

It is against this backdrop of endless possibility and the unknown that bold explorers venture beyond the safety of established routes to probe the depths of the infinite night, where surveyors visit strange worlds orbiting alien suns to learn their secrets, where mercenaries hire themselves out to benefactors both Human and alien, and where adventurers seek wealth and renown as the combat alien schemes, Terran piracy, and other threats to civilization that lurk among the stars.  It is the story of a future as limitless and unknown as the vast frontier that the people of Earth have claimed.  It is the world of Stellar Horizons!

Stellar Horizons is a skill based science fiction game set in the near future that utilizes a percentile system for task resolution.  The rules are easy to learn and the system is quick to play, with rules designed to stay in the background so that role-playing your character can take center stage.  This unique system is based on the philosophy of cinematic realism.  This means that if it can be accomplished by a character in a movie, book, or television series then it can be attempted by your characters.

The characters of Stellar Horizons can be either Human or one of three other different alien species.  Each alien character has its own set of unique traits and abilities.  These range from the psionic talents of the Krylans, to the four armed insectoid Rogue Hydrax, to the feral winged Sha'kavri.  Each character then selects a culture to belong to giving added depth.  A full system of advantages, disadvantages, and quirks is also available to further customize your character and make them each truly unique.

The game begins with the two-book Stellar Horizons Basic Set.  The first book in the set is the 96 page Players Guide.  In the first twenty page section this book details the rich background history and vast interstellar stage where the game takes place.  Each major alien culture is detailed as are the prominent Terran nations.  Important locations, NPC's, and organizations are also listed.  The remainder of the manual instructs players in the character creation process, task resolution system, and describes the equipment available to them.  The second book in the set is the 64 page Director's Guide.  It details how to create and run adventures of your own.  Special rules, alien species information, critical hit charts, NPC generation, and star system creation rules make up the remainder of the book.  There is even a ready-to-play introductory adventure to help you get your campaign off the ground and amongst the stars!


Product Details

  • Total page count: 160

  • Fully detailed game world to adventure in.

  • Complete character creation rules.

  • Detailed and easy to learn game system.

  • Complete rules for scenario generation.

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 16.2 ounces
  • ISBN: 978-0-9846034-2-8
  • Suggested Price $22.00
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