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Here are a few links that we think you will find cool and interesting.  They include the web sites of the official artist for Stellar Horizons, the sites of conventions that we plan to attend, as well as other fan based pages.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  Choose the type of link you want to find below...





Anime and Gaming Conventions

Project A-Kon 24
The longest running national anime convention around.  A-kon takes place in Dallas,Texas around the last weekend in May.
AnimeFEST is an annual four-day event held over Labor Day weekend in Dallas, Texas.  Its been running since 1992 and shows no signs of stopping!.

Texicon is a fairly young convention based out of Fort Worth Texas that is focused on all aspects of gaming!!  It doesn't matter if its role playing, miniatures, or board gaming, Texicon covers it all!  Come on out and see what all the excitement is about!

A small but growing anime-gaming convention Yule Con is held during November in Fort Worth, Texas.




Miniatures and Gaming Accessories

Also known as TMP, The Miniatures Page is a web magazine devoted to miniatures wargaming of all genres (historical, science fiction, fantasy, etc).  It also features numerous forums so that members can keep in touch with each other and the latest developments in the industry.
Based in the UK, Ground Zero Games is probably the best place on the web for finding high quality 25mm science fiction miniatures.  They also have a large line of science fiction vehicles for space miniatures combat.
Armorcast is a maker of high quality resin terrain kits.  They have a wide variety of science fiction and industrial terrain to add a new dimension to your Stellar Horizons games.  Check out their site and take your campaign into the third dimension.

Chessex Manufacturing is a highly recommended source for all of your dice needs.  We have been using their dice since we started over a decade ago and you should to.  They also produce vinyl gaming mats that we use for all of our gaming demonstrations.  Get your dice for Stellar Horizons here!




Other Gaming and Science Fiction
Sites of Interest


Perhaps the largest directory of role playing games of all kinds, also features role playing product reviews, regular columns, news, links, and interviews with prominent game industry people.  Whether you are new to role playing games or have been playing for decades, its worth checking out.
Pen and Paper is another large directory of classic style pen-and-paper role playing games.  They showcase new product releases, feature the latest in industry news, and have a gallery of gaming conventions.
RPG,D&D Library

RPG Gateway a wonderful resource listing current and classic role playing games.  Within its directory you will be able to find out more about classic games as well as more recent releases! - Science Fiction and Fantasy
A science fiction directory and search engine that covers sci-fi in television, books, movies, role playing games, and collectables.  Its a pretty big list, so go and take a look!





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