Deep Range Discoveries

Here is where we analyze all the latest findings that explorers and surveyors bring back form their trips out on the Deep Range.  These findings are freely available to you in the form of downloadable game articles, new rules, and record sheets.  As time progresses this is where you will find a variety of information that will address all aspects of the Stellar Horizons universe.

All articles are in PDF format and requires a current version of Adobe Acrobat reader to view online.  You are free to download and print a copy for your personal gaming use.  To download simply right click on the graphic below and "save target as".  No other use is allowed by Valkyrie Games which retains the copyright to each article.


Available Articles

Alcohol in Stellar Horizons
10/15/10 (205k)

Skills and Experience Levels
1/11/11 (1.57mb)



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