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Here is where your journey into the world of Stellar Horizons begins.  On this page you will find our Primary Rule Books that are needed to play the game, World Sourcebooks that provide additional depth and breadth to the game universe, Adventure Packs that contain a scripted story arc and point from which to base your campaign, and Accessories such as newsletters and gaming aids that you can use to take your Stellar Horizons campaign to the next level.

  Primary Rule Books
  Adventure Packs




Primary Rules

The Primary Rules are the heart of the Stellar Horizons game and your window into the Stellar Horizons universe.  These books answer the fundamental questions such as how to play and what the game world is like.  They also give you a first look at the equipment, people, and places of the future.


Players Guide

Stellar Horizons Basic Set

The mid-twenty first century is an era of both endless promise and fearful uncertainty for the people of Earth.  A world only just emerging from decades of war that served as its violent welcome to the interstellar scene.  Still, Humanity survived the difficult years and made a claim to the heavens amid the protests, schemes, and conflicts of alien species who had been there far longer.

This is the story of the years following the wars that launched mankind into deep space.  A time of uneasy peace where a desperate Humanity has found that in its quest for the stars, its reach exceeded its grasp.  A time where the nations of Earth remain only loosely united in the face of alien threat and intrigue.  A time where fragile colonies lay along tenuous trade routes linking the outposts of Terran civilization to the advanced alien cultures beyond, but where the majority of its vast frontier still remains unseen by Human eyes.

It is against this backdrop of endless possibility and the unknown that bold explorers venture beyond the safety of established routes to probe the depths of the infinite night, where surveyors visit strange worlds orbiting alien suns to learn their secrets, where mercenaries hire themselves out to benefactors both Human and alien, and where adventurers seek wealth and renown as the combat alien schemes, Terran piracy, and other threats to civilization that lurk among the stars.  It is the story of a future as limitless and unknown as the vast frontier that the people of Earth have claimed.  It is the world of Stellar Horizons!

Director's Guide

Stellar Horizons is a skill based science fiction game set in the near future that utilizes a percentile system for task resolution.  The rules are easy to learn and the system is quick to play, with rules designed to stay in the background so that role-playing your character can take center stage.  This unique system is based on the philosophy of cinematic realism.  This means that if it can be accomplished by a character in a movie, book, or television series then it can be attempted by your characters.

The characters of Stellar Horizons can be either Human or one of three other different alien species.  Each alien character has its own set of unique traits and abilities.  These range from the psionic talents of the Krylans, to the four armed insectoid Rogue Hydrax, to the feral winged Sha'kavri.  Each character then selects a culture to belong to giving added depth.  A full system of advantages, disadvantages, and quirks is also available to further customize your character and make them each truly unique.

The game begins with the two-book Stellar Horizons Basic Set.  The first book in the set is the 96 page Players Guide.  In the first twenty page section this book details the rich background history and vast interstellar stage where the game takes place.  Each major alien culture is detailed as are the prominent Terran nations.  Important locations, NPC's, and organizations are also listed.  The remainder of the manual instructs players in the character creation process, task resolution system, and describes the equipment available to them.  The second book in the set is the 64 page Director's Guide.  It details how to create and run adventures of your own.  Special rules, alien species information, critical hit charts, NPC generation, and star system creation rules make up the remainder of the book.  There is even a ready-to-play introductory adventure to help you get your campaign off the ground and amongst the stars!


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Stellar Horizons Sourcebooks are game books designed to pick up where the Primary Rules stop.  Each covers a specific subject, location, or time period in the Stellar Horizons universe that you can use to enhance your campaign.  Within these books you will find specific data on people, places, equipment, vehicles, and optional rules to take your game to the next level!


Kelly's Guide to Modern Small Arms
Volume 1: Terran Weapons

Those adventuring across the largely unexplored Terran frontier is both rewarding and perilous.  To ensure survival a wise adventurer needs the best weaponry that money can buy.  Kelly's Guide to Modern Small Arms is a compendium of such weapons.

Within the pages of this first sourcebook are detailed descriptions of over two hundred and fifty light weapons systems that have been used by the military forces of the United States, European Union, German Republic since the end of the Second World War.  Arms of the Cold War, Keplar Conflict, Contact War, and Hydrax Invasion are all included alongside the latest experimental weaponry.  Military weapons are not the only arms covered in this volume.  Three chapters covering civilian, police, and ancient weapons are also included to fully detail arms commonly available to beginning characters, improvised weapons, as well as those common to law enforcement and security professionals of the future.

Each of the 250 weapon listings features an in-depth description of its development, service history, and availability.  Complete weapon damage summaries, cost and availability tables, special weapon rules, and a forward by renowned arms expert Elizabeth J. Kelly are also included.  The result is an unprecedented list of arms that can be used by characters adventuring across the deep ranges of the Terran frontier.

Softcover 96 Pages                        Price: $18.00 USD


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Adventure Packs

Adventure Packs are compact sets of pre-made adventures that showcase different parts of the Stellar Horizons universe to your players.  These ready-to-play products are made up of individual scenarios designed to be played in a single gaming session.  Each has its own unique backstory, objectives, setting, and personalities.  Together these scenarios cover a larger story arc and can serve as the basis for an entire campaign.


NV-1 "The Tyche Expedition"

An unknown world fraught with danger awaits a group of surveyors out on the far frontier.  Far from any colonized system the team must brave the dangers of life beyond the edge of Human civilization: armed smugglers, exotic alien life forms, and the natural hazards of space itself.  The crew of the Tyche brave these dangers all in the hope of being the first to discover the source of a strange anomaly located on a small world over 40 light years from home.

Set out on the frontier halfway between Terran and Sha'kavri space, The Tyche Expedition is a Stellar Horizons adventure module geared for the beginning party having less than 50 TXP.  The three adventures within chronicle the progress of the party and their survey expedition travelling to a poorly charted system just off one of the most travelled routes in Terran space.  Also included is a detailed sector map and data for three major star systems, their planets, and the exotic life forms indigenous to them.

Softcover 40 Pages                        Price: $16.00 USD


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Stellar Horizons Accessories

Stellar Horizons Accessories are designed to add another level of detail to your existing campaign.  They currently take the form of custom character sheets and reprints of our old fan centered Event Horizon newsletters filled with articles, NPC's, and mini-adventures.  Together these items can enhance your Stellar Horizons experience


Players Accessory Pack

This valuable accessory contains 80 character sheets that are customized for the race of your character. These focus on the abilities that each alien race has and leaves out those rules that do not apply.  It also contains twenty new character background sheets to keep track of your character's history and adventures.  Two pages of rules and background are also included.  The first details the different beliefs of the alien races found across the known universe, while the second features optional rules for making star systems more detailed when they are created using the Stellar Horizons Director's Guide.

Unbound Shrink Wrapped Set: 102 Pages

Price: $7.50 USD


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Event Horizons Newsletter Back Issues

In the early days of Stellar Horizons there was a seasonal newsletter known as Event Horizons which detailed the latest information about the game world.  These black and white newsletters printed in a 7" x 8.5" format were the source for game rules, new equipment, adventures, NPC's, and articles about how the Stellar Horizons world functions.  They were also noteworthy for having multiple artist contributors.

Each issue has two major features, a mini-adventure, a new NPC for your players, and several smaller articles.  These have included special sections covering The Special Military Police, The nation of Kir'vera, Interstellar Trade, Interstellar Communication, The Royal Crystan Empire, among other topics.  The included mini-adventure is ready-to-go, and usually includes the feature NPC who is also in the newsletter.

Only three issues were made before production changes phased them out.  These are now available again to bring new perspective to your Stellar Horizons campaign!  Each issue sold separately.  Please specify issue when ordering.

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