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If you want to buy a game, have a question about Stellar Horizons, or are running a convention and want to involve our products then this is the place to start.

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Our basic product ordering system is handled through PayPal for reasons of efficiency, but we are aware that some customers may prefer an alternative means to ordering.  Customers may mail in their order to the address below.  We do accept both checks and money orders.  Items are shipped upon receipt of the money order or within two days of the check clearing.


P.O. Box 182237

Arlington, TX 76096




Website Comments

Any questions, comments, and technical issues regarding this website should be directed here.




Game Support, Error Reporting, Latest Corrections

If you have a question regarding the rules or setting of Stellar Horizons please use the message board.  If you happen to observe errors of any kind in our products then please drop us a line here so that we can get it fixed.  Any corrections to the published Stellar Horizons rules or noteworthy game rulings will also be noted on the message board.




Retailer and Distributor Support

If you are a retailer or distributor who currently carries our product line or if you are interested in carrying our products then please contact our sales department.  We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.




Convention Support

If you are running a game/anime/science fiction convention in the South-Central United States we would be happy to appear to run demonstrations of Stellar Horizons.  We also support conventions outside this region that we cannot attend in person.  Contact our convention support here for any questions.




General Questions

All other questions and comments that are not covered by the preceding headings should be addressed here.





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