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  Kelly's Civil and Commercial Vehicles                                                   

The universe is a harsh and unforgiving place where explorers in heavy powersuits walk across the face of burning planets under sheets of acid rain, while colonists on the fringes of civilization roll across a rugged landscape in massive tracked machines, and aerospace fighters ready for battle soar to the edge of space at thirty times the speed of sound.  To accomplish these tasks specialized machines and rugged vehicles are needed.  Vehicles that are now available in Kelly's Civil and Commercial Vehicles!

This second source book for Stellar Horizons gives you a first look at the vehicles of tomorrow.  Designed with the adventurer in mind, this manual details over one hundred of the vehicles that characters will encounter or use most often.  It is a comprehensive guide that covers ground vehicles, powersuits, utility mecha, remote drones, aquatic vehicles, helicopters, light aircraft, escape capsules, aerospace planes, and starships.  Not just vehicles, but vehicles that your characters will actually use!

Each vehicle is fully illustrated and ready for use in your campaign with statistics compatible with the Stellar Horizons basic rules as well as an upcoming tactical combat supplement.  The descriptions within offer more that just mere statistics.  Each has detailed development histories, owning nations, and commercial availability.  A forward by noted scientist Aaron Katrell is also included.  Ten complete sets of starship deck diagrams are a further bonus for you adventures.  Taken together the result is a surprisingly detailed listing of vehicles that can be encountered by heroic adventurers traveling the vast frontiers of Terran space and beyond.







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